Join an Advisory Team and Help Guide Professional Development in MN Adult Ed!

Join an Advisory Team and Help Guide Professional Development in MN Adult Ed!

Do you like thinking about how we grow as professional educators in ABE?  Interested in helping design workshops, study circles, job-embedded cohort-experiences, conferences, and other professional development (PD) events? Five unique leadership opportunities are coming up for Minnesota Adult Education practitioners. Your unique expertise and interests may be just what we need!

We are currently seeking applications for MN Adult Ed teachers and administrators to serve as program representatives on five different advisory teams. Each of the five teams is tasked with designing relevant, meaningful, and effective professional development for practitioners within its area of focus:

Team and area(s) of focus include:

  • Statewide Professional Development Committee – statewide PD priorities, plans, and activities.
  • Language & Literacy Advisory Team (known as LLATé) – language, reading, and writing instruction, including planning the January Language & Literacy Institute.
  • Minnesota Numeracy Instruction Advisory Team (known as the MNI A-Team) – math and numeracy teaching, including the September ABE Math Institute (virtual in 2021).
  • Adult Career Pathways (ACP) Professional Development Advisory Team – Adult Career Pathways (ACP) PD in Minnesota, particularly around Integrated Education & Training (IET) in the coming year.
  • Administrator PD Advisory Team – administrator knowledge, skills, and dispositions for MN ABE programming, for example orienting new staff, conducting classroom observations, budgeting, and developing programming models.

Program representatives play a critical role in bringing local/regional PD needs to the committee and sharing PD information & resources with practitioners in their region! They must be currently employed with a Minnesota ABE program and have experience with ABE instruction or administration. Experience planning, delivering, or participating in local, regional or statewide professional development is a plus. Representatives receive a stipend in recognition of their work on the committee and gain valuable experience collaborating with a diverse group of ABE professionals on meaningful PD work that benefits ABE practitioners and programs. Details about stipends, expectations, and meeting dates can be found within each application.

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Applications for each of the teams are due by Friday, June 4, 2021. Committee members will be selected to ensure representation from diverse regions, types of programs, roles, and areas of expertise. ATLAS will review applications and notify applicants of their selections by mid-June. If you have any questions about these committees, please contact Patsy Egan, ATLAS Director, [email protected]

We’d also like to extend a huge thank-you to our outgoing Statewide PD Committee, LLATé, MNI A-Team, and Transitions PD Team members for their commitment and contributions to MN Adult Ed professional development!  

Thank you!

Originally published 5/3/21

Patsy Egan, ATLAS Director ATLAS
Astrid Liden, ABE Professional Development Specialist Minnesota Department of Education