Journeys Anthology: Submissions due Friday, November 30!

“To be able to tell my story means a lot. It means learning. It means a lot of people are going to learn from my story and I am learning from other people’s story.” That’s’ what one ABE learner has to say about publishing his story in Journeys, the anthology of adult student writing published annually by the Minnesota Literacy Council.

This fall, we invite your learners to share their voices and submit their stories for publication in the 2019 edition. Friday, November 30 is this year’s deadline for submissions for the Journeys 2019 anthology. The Journeys submissions webform is now open and submissions are being accepted throughout the fall. We encourage you to work with your learners this fall on their Journeys writing submissions and help them complete their entries no later than November 30. This year’s deadline is earlier than previous years, and will allow us to complete Journeys earlier in 2019. The new book will be available on April 30, 2019.

Submit your learners’ work now!

Here are some tools to help you submit your learners’ work to Journeys:

Overview of submission guidelines

  • Students must be active in a Minnesota adult literacy program.
  • Only one written or one art submission per student is accepted (you may submit one art piece that illustrates your written submission).
  • Written submissions must be submitted via the online webform. Emailed entries will not be accepted.
  • Submissions must be an original piece of writing or art work.

Deadline for submission is Friday, November 30, 2018. Questions/concerns? Contact Kelly at [email protected] or 651-251-9074.

About Journeys

In its 30th year, Journeys 2019 will showcase short written pieces by Adult Basic Education learners from every corner of Minnesota. Journeys is a book of stories. Within its pages, you’ll find memories, poems, art, tall tales and everything in between. These stories share the journeys and perspectives of adult literacy students enrolled in reading, English as a Second Language, GED, and basic skills classes across the state of Minnesota.

Kelly Rynda, Hotline Referral Specialist Minnesota Literacy Council