Learn about LINCS!

Learn about LINCS!

The Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) offers freely available courses, resources, and community for adult educators. It is a national leadership initiative of the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE), and each component of LINCS – the Community, the Learning Portal, and the LINCS Resource Collection – serves a special purpose in advancing adult education.


Groups in the LINCS Community focus on specialized topics, such as Teaching and Learning, Correctional and Reentry Education, and English Language Acquisition, and are moderated by subject matter experts who facilitate opportunities for discussion and learning.

Learning Portal

The Learning Portal provides adult educators with self-paced learning opportunities. It houses nearly a dozen remotely accessible online courses on various topics, such as Teacher Effectiveness, Learning Disabilities, and others. And all Learning Portal courses are free to use and include a printable certificate of completion.

Resource Collection

The third major component of LINCS is the Resource Collection. It has over 650 high-quality, well-vetted multimedia resources – including lesson plans, curricula and tutorials, research articles, policy briefs, and toolkits – that instructors can use today for lessons related to Career Pathways, Adult English Language Learners, Reading and Writing, Math and Numeracy, and Program Management, among others.

Additional Resources

LINCS also includes the Learner Center, an English and Spanish educational website that offers adult learners free-to-use resources on English, math, job skills, and more, and the Professional Development Center, which assists adult education state staff with establishing or operating state professional development programs.

So, whether someone is interested in finding the right financial education curriculum or looking for strategies to facilitate adult learners’ transition to postsecondary education, LINCS is an exceptional source of educational material.

Give it a try! Visit the LINCS website and join a group in the LINCS Community, start a course in the Learning Portal, or even check out some of the great materials in the Resource Collection. And don’t forget to follow LINCS on Twitter and YouTube!

David Silverman, Senior Consultant Manhattan Strategy Group
Amber Delliger, Numeracy Coordinator ATLAS