Minnesota’s Digital Opportunity Plan Open for Public Comment

Minnesota’s Digital Opportunity Plan Open for Public Comment

Now is the time to provide feedback on the draft of Minnesota’s first Digital Opportunity Plan.

This plan was developed by the Office of Broadband Development with input from Digital Connection Committees all around the state and is open for public comment through September 29. The plan lays out state priorities for digital inclusion activities and will guide how federal Digital Equity Act funds are used in Minnesota. As Adult Education providers, we work every day with the individuals the Digital Equity Act is intended to support. Our perspectives are critical to ensuring that the plan truly reflects the needs, concerns, and aspirations of our adult learners and the communities they live and work in.

States are required to hold a public comment period of at least thirty (30) days, consider all comments received during this public comment period, and incorporate any “worthwhile” comments. It is crucial for adult education leaders, advocates, and learners to participate in public commenting: this may be the last opportunity to ensure that both adult learners and adult education systems are included in State Digital Equity Plans.

Information about the state plan and how to comment can be found on the Office of Broadband Development website. There you will find a one-page plan summary, a handout that explains the planning process, as well as the complete draft of the plan. Minnesotans may submit comments via an online form, or they may submit written comments by mail. The OBD is also hosting digital opportunity listening sessions in 16 cities (plus two online). Information about these listening sessions can be found on the OBD website.

For more information about how best to provide feedback on the state plan, and what to look for as you read it, check out the Read, Write, Advocate blog post from World Education, which provides helpful guidance.

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Senior Manager - Educational Technology & Digital Literacy Literacy Minnesota