MN ABE Reading Practitioners Schoology Group

MN ABE Reading Practitioners Schoology Group

Introducing the newest Minnesota statewide Schoology Group! Schoology was created about ten years ago by four college students. It utilizes a learning management system (LMS) or platform that brings together partners in education (or schooling): administrators, teachers, coaches, parents, and students. It is based on the belief “There’s no success without collaboration.” Currently, there are over two million Schoology users from around the world!

Reading Practitioners Group

The Reading Practitioners Group is open to all MN ABE program managers, teachers, and support staff who want to expand their knowledge and use of Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (or EBRI). This includes STAR training completers, EBRI study circle participants, and “EBRIbody” else striving to make success happen for ABE/ESL students reading below NRS Adult Secondary levels or grade equivalents 9-12.

As Group administrator, I will attempt to engage members in professional discussions about best or proven practices for testing or teaching the four reading components: alphabetics (including phonics and multi-syllable decoding), fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Our sources of evidence may include:

  1. Reading research based on K-12, ESL/ESOL, adolescent, or adult literacy populations
  2. Effective practices from ABE/ESL classroom experiences
  3. Knowledge based on ABE/ESL classroom observations
  4. Current or previous district PLC activities or results
  5. Improved reading scores from TABE or CASAS post-testing (with the understanding that many factors contribute to this success)

This Schoology role will be new for me.  I invite you to join this online group, contribute your reading practitioner voices, and liven the updates or discussions. Hopefully, our collaboration will increase reading success (and confidence) across MN ABE!

Join the group!

   If you already have a Schoology account:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on the “Groups” tab at the top of the page
  • Click “My Groups” on the upper right side
  • Click on “Join Group” and look for MN ABE Reading Practitioners
  • Enter access code 5P6VH-VT6P5

   If you do not have a Schoology account:

  • Go to
  • Scroll to SIGN UP at the top right and sign up as an Instructor
  • Once you’ve registered, click on the “Groups” tab
  • Click “My Groups” on the upper right side and look for MN ABE Reading Practitioners
  • Enter access code 5P6VH-VT6P5

Once you have joined:

  • Click on Notifications OR your name and Settings (both are at the top right)
  • Set your Group (not Academic, School, or Personal) email notifications
  • Browse posts from Updates, Discussions, Members, Resources, and Events
  • Post new comments, questions, or information to the above
  • Expand your knowledge and use of EBRI practices!
Marn Frank, Literacy & STAR Coordinator ATLAS