MN Teacher Verification Model Update: Now Two Pathways to TVM Certification!

MN Teacher Verification Model Update: Now Two Pathways to TVM Certification!

The Teacher Verification Model (TVM) was launched almost two years ago as a new option for Minnesota ABE teachers and programs to count proxy hours for asynchronous lessons that have been verified by a TVM certified teacher. Over 220 MN adult educators have now completed TVM certification!

What ‘counts’ as a TVM lesson?

There are many possibilities! TVM Certified teachers develop asynchronous lessons to fit their learners and teaching context. TVM lessons must include instruction, practice, and assessment, but they can be digital or physical, or a combination of both.

The TVM Process

When you’re a TVM Certified teacher, you can develop TVM lessons and materials and assign them to your learners. You’ll submit details about each of your TVM lessons to the DL Team through the (short and easy!) TVM Lesson Checklist and Submission Form. You’ll verify your learners’ completion of the lessons and provide feedback. Then you’ll document lesson completion using a new TVM Lesson Log available on every class Summary page in SID and record learners’ proxy hours for the lessons in SID.

TVM Certification Options

As of February 2023, after you’ve completed the required modules and work in the Distance and Blended Learning Basics for Minnesota Adult Education online course, there are now two options for TVM Certification:

1) Attend a live certification webinar, or

2) Attend an individual coaching call with a TVM Team member.

See the table below for more details that will help you decide which path to TVM certification is the best fit for you.

TVM Certification Webinar Individual TVM Coaching Call
Click on the Zoom registration link in the DL Course, Module 6 (TVM in Practice), Topic 5: Assignment and TVM Certification Preparation. Complete this short form and a TVM Team member will contact you within a few business days to schedule the call (online meeting in Zoom, Google Meet, or whichever meeting tool works best for both of you).

Time required: 2 hours

*This time includes 45 minutes to share your TVM lesson plan and receive feedback, as well as see two other teachers’ TVM plans and materials.


Time required: 1 hour

*Some prep work will need to be completed before the scheduled call.


Only held a couple times a year Available year-round (based on TVM coaches’ availability)

Facilitated by TVM Team members and attended with a small group of teachers

Just one TVM Team member/coach and you
After the webinar, you will have time to revise your lesson plan and materials if necessary and submit them in the course. After the call, you will have time to revise your lesson plan and materials if necessary and contact your TVM coach for a final review.

Learn more and get TVM certified!

Visit the Teacher Verification Model page on the Literacy MN website for more information about TVM and the steps to certification.

Questions about TVM or any other distance learning topic?

Contact the MN adult education distance learning support team at [email protected].

Astrid Liden, ABE Professional Development Specialist Minnesota Department of Education
Kristine Kelly, ATLAS Literacy Coordinator ATLAS