More ELA and Math CCRS Teacher Workouts!

More ELA and Math CCRS Teacher Workouts!

The next group of CCRS Teacher Workouts is here – this time with a focus on academic vocabulary and more math content.  These are quick and focused support activities for CCRS ELA and math instruction. The activities fit easily into a tight time slot and are a great starting point for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the CCR Standards. Use them in a staff meeting, PLC, with a colleague, or independently.

Find two new ELA Workouts:

  1. Finding Academic Vocabulary in a Text starts with a discussion of how participants identify academic vocabulary. Next, the presenter will demonstrate three free online tools for identifying general and academic vocabulary in a text. Participants practice using the tools and then discuss the tools’ differences.
  2. Building Academic Vocabulary Knowledge with Semantic Maps begins with a warm up to reflect on the types of knowledge necessary to know a word. Participants learn what a semantic map is, their benefits, and try two examples. The workout wraps up with a discussion of how to adapt the semantic map activities for different classroom contexts.

Also check out the Math Workouts:

  1. The “Why” Behind Cross Multiplication begins with an analogy that illustrates the importance of empowering our learners to cultivate conceptual understanding in mathematics. Participants then have a chance to solve a math problem, reflect on their problem-solving strategy, and then be exposed to a handful of other strategies for solving the same problem. The larger goal of this workout is to invite participants into a long-term discussion about the importance of including explanations and activities that target conceptual understanding into lessons and units.
  2. Let’s Talk About Dots! identifies a low-risk strategy for students to see math as patterns and practice speaking about patterns. Participants have a chance to interact with this strategy as well as watch a short video of a math expert modeling this activity with middle school learners. The workout wraps up with reflecting on the importance of creativity in math when building number sense as well as thinking about the ways in which this strategy could be adapted for higher level math classes.

All workouts – both ELA and Math – are posted in the CCR Standards library on the ATLAS website as they are developed. We have many other ideas in the works! Watch for new ones during this next school year.

Burgen Young, Instructional Manager Literacy Minnesota
Lindsey Pust, Numeracy Coordinator ATLAS