New Disability Helpline

New Disability Helpline

Do you have a student who is not making level gains? Do you suspect your student may have a disability? Do you have concerns about student learning challenges? Do you need adaptive equipment for a student? Introducing PANDA’s new easy-to-use online checklist, the Disability Helpline! Read on for more information below.

PANDA’s mission statement is to provide ABE programs with disability support, knowledge and resources to increase academic opportunities for students. Services are free for ABE programs and funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education.

Part of PANDA’s services include providing consultative services. Contact PANDA when:

  • A student discloses they have a disability
  • You suspect a student may have a disability
  • A student has assistive technology or adaptive equipment needs, such as an amplifier, large print keyboard, magnifiers, adaptive mouse, multi-sensory tools, etc.
  • You have student accommodation questions for testing and the classroom
  • You have student learning concerns, such as not making level gains, mental health challenges, behavioral issues, reading, writing or math difficulties, memory or attention difficulties.

PANDA staff will provide guidance, advice, instructional strategies, adaptive equipment and resources to help your students. There are several ways to contact PANDA staff:

    1. Our new Disability Helpline. This is an online easy-to-use form found on PANDA’s website under “FORMS” on the upper bar.
    2. Email PANDA at [email protected]
    3. Email Wendy Sweeney at [email protected]
    4. Call 763-504-4095
Visit PANDA’s website to access the Disability Helpline, to learn more
about disabilities, find instructional strategies, or community resources.