New DL Platforms and SID Report Now Available

New DL Platforms and SID Report Now Available

Several new Distance Learning platforms have been approved recently, and a new SID report showing DL attendance for DL classes is available.

New platforms include:

  • Reading Skills for Today’s Adults (professional edition), a comprehensive basic literacy program, has activities for native English and native Spanish speakers. It covers all six components of literacy: phonemic awareness, decoding, reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing. [UPDATED:] It is designed for the following students:
    • For ESL students: a score of 191+ on the CASAS Life & Work Reading (High-Beginning ESL)
    • For ABE students: a score of 204+ Reading on CASAS Goals (Beginning Basic Education) or a score of 442+ on the TABE 11/12 Reading

  • Moneyskill teaches students the basics of money management fundamentals. It is comprised of modules that have involve lessons about personal finance and economics. A time on task platform, Moneyskill is for students testing at CASAS 236 or above, and has been used by Adult Diploma students to meet their economics competency.

SID has a new report that shows monthly and daily attendance for classes that are either DL type class (DL Hours) or if they are associated with a DL platform.  Hours are listed by class, and there is a column that shows the platform and a column called “Class Type” shows the hour type (either “Distance Learning”  or “Contact”). There is also a count of unique students.

Daily and Monthly Attendance in DL Classes, listed in the Attendance Reports Section of the reports tab, automatically shows all classes with DL hour type, showing the DL Platform that is associated with it; it also pulls those showing a DL platform, even if they have contact rather than DL hours. There are columns for the months – you can click the “+” sign to see the days in the month.  Also for each class you can click on the “+” to see each of the students in the class. A second page shows the exact same report but it is “flat” so that it doesn’t have the “+” signs and the underlying info; this makes it easier to work with in Excel, if desired.

Tom Cytron-Hysom, Consultant DL Support Services