Outstanding Refugee Awards

Outstanding Refugee Awards

The Resettlement Programs Office of the Minnesota Department of Human Services celebrates the strength, courage and resilience of all people in the state, particularly those who have fled persecution and are rebuilding their lives here. There are many Minnesotans with a refugee experience who are making positive contributions in Minnesota. Every year we honor some of these local leaders and citizens with Outstanding Refugee Awards.  Help us recognize colleagues, neighbors, and co-workers, who originally came to the U.S. with refugee status, who are now making our communities better for all of us.

The deadline for nominations is midnight, April 13, 2021.

Use the online form on this page (https://mn.gov/dhs/outstanding-refugees/) to make your nomination.

Nominate individuals in one of four categories: entrepreneurship, civic engagement, youth leadership and ‘new beginnings’ for people who have recently arrived with refugee status.  If nominating more than one person, fill out one form for each separate nomination. Selected individuals will be recognized at a ceremony in June 2021 as part of Refugee Recognition Month.

Patricia Fenrick, Refugee Workforce Development and Outreach Specialist Minnesota Department of Human Services