PANDA Services

PANDA Services

PANDA’s disability website has a new look! Check it out at

The website has a new “FORMS” link at the top of the page. It provides easy access to forms, including PANDA’s Supplemental Disability Registration Form. Add a yes/no question to your program registration form. If the student answers yes, complete the Disability Registration form to gather more information about your student during the intake process. This form is available in English and Spanish. View the form >>

Adult Learner Intervention – Online screening process helps determine the root of student learning challenges and find specific instructional strategies. View the intervention process >>

Assistive Technology/Loan Program – Magnifiers, speaking calculators, amplifiers, adaptive keyboards, adaptive mice, multi-sensory items, and much more are available for loan to teachers for student use. Contact PANDA for specific student needs.

Consultative Services – Contact Wendy Sweeney at PANDA for assistance related to your concerns about students with disabilities or learning challenges. Contact Wendy at [email protected] or 763-504-4095.

Professional Development Workshops – PANDA staff present professional development workshops on disability topics at local, regional and state-wide events. At fall regionals, Wendy Sweeney will present “The 3 L’s: The Difference between Learning Disability, Low Ability, and Low Literacy.” Registration is now open for the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) webcast training. The course is taken when it is convenient for you during the month of January. Find out more and register >>

Advisory Committee – State-wide volunteer members include ABE teachers, program managers, program directors, and the education policy and program specialist with the Minnesota Department of Education. The committee educates, advocates, advises and communicates topics related to students with disabilities as a group and with ABE staff.

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