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Putting the Practices into Practice: CCRS Math Practices Webcasts Now Available!

Are you new to CCRS math and want a place to start? Have you heard of the Math Practices but aren’t sure how to use them? Looking for a refresher on one of the 8 Math Practices?

A total of 8 webcasts were developed to help Minnesota’s ABE practitioners explore the 8 CCRS Mathematical Practices and what makes them unique. Created by local math guru and former Minneapolis ABE instructor Amy Vickers, this series of 8 webcasts aims to give adult educators a better sense of each of the Practices and to suggest ways to encourage the use of Practices with their students. Each webcast offers multiple tools:

  • an explanation of the highlighted Practice
  • facilitation questions to ask students
  • sample activities at multiple levels
  • classroom videos that demonstrate the Practice

The webcasts are designed to be viewed in any order, so feel free to start with the one that is the most challenging or interesting to you!

It is also easy to adapt the webcasts and viewing guide to meet your needs. You can watch the webcasts on your own, with a partner, or even as a part of your staff meetings or PLCs! The viewing guide provides discussion and reflection questions geared towards building better understanding of the Practices.

We understand that time is always precious to ABE programs, so here are a few ideas on ways to fit quality CCRS PD into your day:

  • If you have 15 minutes: Watch 1 webcast and complete the reflection questions provided in the video.
  • If you have 30 minutes: Watch 1 webcast and discuss 2-3 of the After the Webcast questions.
  • If you have 60 minutes: Watch 2 webcasts and discuss the complete viewing guide questions. Here are some video pairing suggestions:
    • Habits of Mind and Mathematical Thinking: Webcasts 1 & 6
    • Reasoning and Explanation: Webcasts 2 & 3
    • Modeling and Using Tools: Webcasts 4 & 5
    • Structures and Generalizing: Webcasts 7 & 8

Find the video links and viewing guide in the CCR Standards resource library on the ATLAS website by clicking on CCRS Math Resources on the right-hand side. The webcasts can be found all together under CCRS Mathematical Practice Webcasts.

Amber Delliger, Numeracy Coordinator ATLAS