for FREE Reading Practice!

Do you teach reading to adults? Then you need to take a look at! is a FREE website that delivers leveled reading passages with comprehension questions. Teachers can sign up for a free account, create classes and student accounts, and track their students’ progress. Questions are multiple-choice, but provide rich feedback to learners (not just correct/incorrect, but why it’s correct or incorrect). Teachers can also enable short-answer response questions for passages.

Reading passages are assigned by Lexile level, and the site offers content to learners from 1st to 12th grade reading level. A major plus of the site from an ABE perspective is that is very adult-friendly. Adult learners will not feel that they are using a child’s program. The site is supported by some advertising, but it is minimal and non-intrusive, and should not pose a significant distraction to learners. On the teacher site, ReadTheory also sells reading lessons and assessment materials for the classroom.

If you try ReadTheory with your learners, let me know how you like it! Or, if you have a favorite learning website you’d like to see featured in this column, please share it with me by emailing me at [email protected]. Happy Teaching!

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Educational Technology Manager Minnesota Literacy Council