TABE 11&12 and CASAS GOALS: Transition FAQs

TABE 11&12 and CASAS GOALS: Transition FAQs

Have you made the transition to the new test series? You still have time, but remember that as of July 1, 2019, all ABE learners must be transitioned to either TABE 11&12 or CASAS GOALS.

Can we give learners the same level of TABE 11&12 as they were taking in TABE 9&10?

>>No. You should administer an 11&12 Locator to ascertain the proper pretest level. Generally, most testers are scoring one to two levels lower in 11&12, than they had been testing in 9&10.

My Test Directions don’t match the “Maximum Allowable Testing Times” document that I was given at a test training. What times should I be using?

>>When TABE 11&12 was first approved, the allowable times were longer. However, due to the fact that test takers were using much less time, DRC requested and was granted approval to lower the maximum allowable times. Unfortunately, their test manuals were already printed, so many programs may have received manuals with the old test times in them. You should check your Test Directions to see what times are printed in your script, compare those times to the “Maximum Allowable Testing Times” document found on the website, and adjust your testing times as necessary. (

The “Maximum Allowable Testing Times” are much longer than on previous versions of TABE. How long does it really take to complete the tests?

>>Mike Johnson, National Adult Education Director for DRC, has stated that, although the allowable times are longer, the actual time that the typical test-taker uses is comparable to the length of time allowed on the TABE 9&10, Complete Battery. However, second language learners will typically use the full maximum allowable time.

We’re doing paper/pencil testing for TABE 11&12. Where can I find the Answer Key?

>>You need to request the Answer Keys from DRC Customer Service. The answer keys cost $25.00 each plus $3.00 for shipping. There is a separate answer key for TABE 11 and TABE 12, so you will need to purchase both.

The Test Directions say that I need to provide a 4-function calculator for the Level M test. I’m having a hard time finding a calculator that has only 4 functions!

>>Mike Johnson, DRC, states that “any basic four-function calculator, including those with positive/negative, square root, and/or percent keys, is acceptable for use with the TABE Level M calculator section. There is one exception, in that any “basic, four-function” calculator that also includes a fraction button is not permitted.”

What happens if my student doesn’t have a TABE 11&12 pretest by July 1, 2019?

>> Without a pretest in at least one subject area for 11&12, your student will not have an Educational Functioning Level for the new program year. The result will be that after 12 hours of attendance, you will not be able to add any more attendance hours. You can give a TABE 11&12 pretest immediately after administering the TABE 9&10 post-test – no need to wait 40 hours, since it is a different test series.

Where can I get more information about the TABE 11&12 assessments?

>>Go to and click on the “Resources” link. Additionally, you may contact one of the state TABE trainers: Marty Olsen ([email protected]); Linda Keller ([email protected]); Dave Haugen ([email protected]).

Who can take the CASAS GOALS Reading test?

>>Currently, the CASAS GOALS Reading test is approved for ABE learners only. Any learner who has been taking the CASAS Life & Work and scored 236 or higher should be transitioned to CASAS GOALS or TABE 11&12.

What can we do with our English Language Learners?

>>CASAS Life & Work, both Reading and Listening, has received extended approval through February 2, 2021. CASAS GOALS has been submitted for approval, with scoring for English Language Learners, and CASAS is waiting for the approval to be granted.

Can we give learners the same level of CASAS GOALS as they were taking in CASAS Life & Work?

>>No. You should administer a GOALS Appraisal (Form 900) to ascertain the proper pretest level.

If a learner who is at the ESL Level 6 (CASAS Life & Work scores 221-235), is given a CASAS Life & Work level C or D as a post-test after July 1, and they receive a 236 or higher, will this count as a level gain?

>>Jenny Schlukebier, who works in development and support of the SiD data system states that “If an ESL 6 student takes the CASAS Life & Work post-test after 7/1, and scores 236 or above, they will get the level completion – but they won’t have an ABE level for the new year. They will need to take either the CASAS GOALS or the TABE 11&12 to determine their ABE level. They do not have to wait 40 hours to take that new test, they can take it right away. They can even take it now!”

So we can administer a CASAS GOALS pretest now, and still administer an appropriate CASAS Life & Work post-test later?

>>Yes! CASAS Life & Work, CASAS GOALS, and TABE 11&12 are all different test series, so an individual student can accrue hours toward the post-test concurrently on all three tests. As noted in Jenny’s answer above, once a student “tests out” of CASAS Life & Work, they won’t have an Educational Functioning Level in SiD, unless they have tested in CASAS GOALS or TABE 11&12.

It is the practice in my program to transition ELL students from CASAS Life & Work to TABE 9&10 at a CASAS score of 222. What are my options now?

>>Programs still have the autonomy to make these decisions as they best work for the program. The options for tests that ELL students can transition to include both CASAS GOALS and TABE 11&12.

Will there be a CASAS math test approved by the NRS for reporting purposes after July 1, 2019?

>>CASAS GOALS Math has been approved for reporting purposes by the NRS for 3 years beginning March 7, 2019 and continuing through March 6, 2022. CASAS will submit additional data and technical material to extend the approval period. Minnesota ABE is working toward approving this assessment and adding it to the Assessment Policy. Stay tuned for an official announcement, once the CASAS GOALS Math scores are deployed in SiD.

Where can I find more information on CASAS GOALS?

>>Go to and follow the path “Product Overviews” > “Assessments” > and then choose “Reading GOALS” or “Math GOALS” for more information. You can also contact one of our state CASAS trainers: Marty Olsen ([email protected]); Linda Keller ([email protected]); Stacy Everding ([email protected]).

Marty Olsen, Coordinator SW ABE / MN ABE Assessment