Two Seasons of E-quip Math Webinars Available Online

Re-invigorate your teaching practice with the support of an E-quip recorded math webinar! Eleven E-quip webinar recordings are now posted in the Numeracy resource library of the ATLAS web site: E-quip Season 1 and E-quip Season 2.

The E-quip webinars strive to reach into the higher levels of math, but E-quip facilitators have a common understanding that all domains (number sense, algebraic thinking, geometry, and data analysis) belong at all levels. How can the E-quip series be useful to you? Check out the following ideas.

  • Tired of feeling stressed about teaching a particular topic? Watch an Equip episode based on an area of math that has been challenging for you and/or your students. You will gain a review of the content as well as some teaching strategies for each topic.
  • Want to improve coherence within your program? With a colleague who teaches the math level above or below your level, watch an Equip episode and discuss how the topic could be adapted for each level.
  • Interested in helping your students develop precision with vocabulary, as referenced in Mathematical Practice #6 of the College & Career Readiness Standards? As you watch an Equip episode, think about what vocabulary supports would be a good fit with the topic.

Each of these recorded webinars also included pre-work and post-work for participants to allow them to get the more out of the live webinar time. The documents, links, and other resources included in the pre- and post- work for each webinar can be accessed at the Minnesota Literacy Council’s Moodle site, E-quip Math PD Series: You will need to login (create a new account if you are new to this site), and then you can have the full wrap-around E-quip Math PD experience!

As you continue to take on challenges in teaching math, know that the E-quip webinar recordings are available to help you!

Amy Vickers, MNI Senior Consultant ATLAS