Volunteer Recruitment Video Launched

The Volunteer Engagement Committee of Literacy Action Network (LAN), in collaboration with St. Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), recently developed a volunteer recruitment video, highlighting diverse volunteers in ABE. In addition to being linked below (click on the image), this video is housed on the Volunteer Engagement Committee’s page of LAN’s website, and is available for ABE program use around the state.

Through testimonials of students, teachers, and diverse volunteers, the video showcases the impact of volunteer support in ABE, with the intent of motivating community members to volunteer, as well as encouraging teachers to utilize them as valuable resources in their classrooms. Individual program names are not mentioned in the video; the Minnesota Literacy Council’s (MLC’s) website and phone number were used so that it can be accessible to programs statewide and MLC can make appropriate referrals. Limited DVDs will be available at MLC’s Volunteer Management Conference on December 2, for those interested.

Ruth Rodriguez, Hubbs Center / LAN Volunteer Engagement Committee Literacy Action Network