What’s the Latest with the GED Test?!

New Performance Level Descriptors!

With the recent score changes, GED Testing Service has rolled out new performance level descriptors. The PLDs show you the exact skills students need to score into the updated score levels on the GED® test. They’re your personal “Rosetta Stone” to help you understand what to teach in your classroom.

The chart breaks down the descriptors for all 4-test subjects by performance level in an easy-to-read chart. This tool provides an at-a-glance comparison that makes it the best tool to start with if you’re new to the PLDs. The GED Ready® PLDs break down the skills by test subject into the three possible score levels on the GED Ready® practice test – Red Zone (Not Likely to Pass), Yellow Zone (Too Close To Call), and Green Zone (Likely to Pass).

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High Impact Indicators

While all of the indicators listed in the GED® Assessment Targets and Indicators describe skills that are essential for test-taker success, the High Impact Indicators highlight specific skills that may be especially useful for educators to emphasize in their instruction. That’s because these skills lend themselves well to classroom instruction and are covered on multiple GED® test subjects. Plus, research shows that many educators may not be spending much time on developing these skill sets in the classroom.

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Mimi Daniel, GED Grant Coordinator Minneapolis Adult Education