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  • You (yes, YOU) Can Teach Digital Literacy! The New Northstar Foundations Course Can Help
You (yes, YOU) Can Teach Digital Literacy! The New Northstar Foundations Course Can Help

You (yes, YOU) Can Teach Digital Literacy! The New Northstar Foundations Course Can Help

Remember how everything (school, work, social gatherings, grocery shopping, medical appointments, weddings, funerals, concerts, community events…) went online in spring of 2020? Of course you do. Over two years later, countless activities of daily life remain “virtual” or take place in hybrid formats, and some may never go back to being 100% in person.

As an adult educator, you know that adult learners need digital literacy, or “the ability and knowledge needed to access and operate internet-connected devices, to successfully use commonly available software, and to navigate and utilize online resources in order to effectively communicate and complete social and work-related tasks in a virtual space.”

You also likely know that the Northstar Digital Literacy standards are one of the three required sets of content standards for Minnesota Adult Education. It may feel overwhelming to think about teaching digital literacy along with everything else you’re already teaching (English, literacy, numeracy, workforce preparation and citizenship, oh my!). Now, though, there’s a new online course to help!

Everyone can access the new Northstar Digital Literacy Foundations course (and other great courses for adult educators) through the Literacy Minnesota Online Training portal: https://literacymn.crhosts.cloud/  This course is designed for adult education teachers and will be helpful for anyone with a role supporting learners or program staff with digital literacy instruction, such as program managers, coordinators, distance learning or curriculum specialists, digital navigators, and volunteers.

The course will help you explore answers to questions such as:

  • How can I fit Northstar into my existing classes?
  • What’s the difference between the Northstar standards, assessments, curriculum, and Northstar Online Learning?
  • Wait, there’s already an existing curriculum I can use to teach Northstar?! Where do I get it?
  • Where can I find additional resources for teaching Northstar?
  • What is digital equity, and how can I help to promote it?

Northstar Digital Literacy Foundations is a self-paced, asynchronous course. You will complete three modules, take notes and respond to reflection prompts in a course notetaking document.  When you submit your notetaking document and complete the course evaluation, you will earn 5 CEUs.

Don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] with any questions. We look forward to “seeing” you in the course!

Originally published 8/8/22

Elizabeth Bennett, Statewide Distance Learning Coordinator Literacy Minnesota