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COVID-19 Lessons: Learning Strategies

The COVID-19 outbreak presents an unprecedented opportunity to help our students develop TIF (Transitions Integration Framework) skills as they try to understand everything that is going on. Here are a few of the ways that we can help our learners practice Learning Strategies skills:

1) Emails are a great way to provide authentic practice with reading informational texts and using learning strategies to improve comprehension. This can be done by taking a screenshot of the e-mail, pasting it into a document or Schoology page, and creating a few questions. This exercise took no more than 10 minutes to prepare:

2) The same thing can be done by taking a screenshot of a portion of a website and creating questions:

Find more information and examples in this newsletter article by Stephanie Sommers, ACES Coordinator for ATLAS / Instructor for Minneapolis Adult Education:

Teaching ACES/TIF in the Time of COVID