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ACES Resources

Provided here are tools to help Adult Basic Education practitioners integrate the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) skills into lessons and instructional settings, including materials that can be used directly with their learners.

Under the TIF categories listed on the right, you will find the following:

  • Pre & Post A-C-E-S Sample Lesson Plans
  • TIF-ed Lesson Videos
  • Workshop and Webinar PowerPoints and Handouts
  • TIF-ing Method Activities

(NOTE: The Academic Language and Numeracy categories do not contain the same materials because these areas are covered in great depth by the College & Career Readiness Standards [CCRS].)

To learn even more about ACES in Minnesota ABE, visit the ACES page.  If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, try using the SEARCH function in the box above.

ACES 101 Online Course

ACES 101 is a free online course that is now available through the Minnesota Literacy Council’s online training site. ACES 101 provides a wonderful overview of ACES and how it can give teachers the tools they need to help students reach their goals. The course was designed for those who are new to ACES, those who would like to better understand how ACES fits into our Minnesota ABE content standards, and those who need more information on how to utilize the TIF in their classroom or program.

Find out more about ACES 101 and how to sign up >>

ACES for Administrators

NEW! Do you need help finding an ACES Facilitator to conduct a workshop or run a PLC (Professional Learning Community) in your area? Check out the ACES Facilitators Catalog!

NEW! Observation tools have been developed to make it easier for you to keep track of ACES implementation in your program.

  • ACES Observation Tool - to be used by observers
    • Feedback Form - to be filled out by observers in order to give ATLAS feedback on the effectiveness of the ACES Observation Tool
  • ACES Lesson Audit - to be used as a self-reflection guide by teachers when thinking about how they implement ACES and the TIF

NEW! You can view a webinar for administrators that aired on 10/20/15, sharing important information about the ACES initiative and professional development activities with ABE administrators statewide. Stephanie Sommers and Heather Turngren hosted this session and acquainted participants with the ACES online resource library, the new introductory ACES online course, and the ACES Observation Tool. Guest Eric Lind shared how his program has implemented ACES into curriculum planning and on-site professional development as well.