CCRS Teacher Workouts – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

CCRS Teacher Workouts – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of ever-evolving aspects of teaching and learning right now: the remote classroom, the hybrid programming, the socially distanced classroom protocols, the starting and pausing of program activities. In this time of scrambling to adjust to the next new phase of program delivery, setting aside the idea of CCRS-based professional development can be easy. However, regardless of the delivery method of our instruction and programming, the standards will always be the benchmark for instruction.

We have previously written two articles sharing CCRS Teacher Workouts for both Math and ELA:

We have more workouts to share with you because we can’t stop, won’t stop strengthening our CCRS muscles…even in the middle of a pandemic!

CCRS Teacher Workouts are professional development activities that help you effectively embed the shifts, standards, and practices into your instruction. The workouts are focused, fast, and designed to help teachers move forward with CCRS implementation. And they are versatile! Use them in a virtual staff meeting or PLC, with a colleague, or independently.

Each workout takes between 20 and 45 minutes and focuses on a key CCRS shift or shifts, standard, or practice. Workouts include goals, an introduction, practice, and a wrap-up. Doing the workouts is an opportunity to review, explore, and apply an idea or resource. These workouts are typically created by members of the Minnesota Numeracy Instruction Advisory Team (MNI A-Team) and the Language & Literacy Advisory Team (LLATé).

New Workouts

The 3 R’s: Reaping the Rewards of Routines

In this ELA teacher workout, participants will consider adding a new routine or tweaking an existing classroom routine to align to one or more CCR standards and determine how to implement the routine with students. This workout includes looking at some videos about instructional routines on the Teaching Channel website. Routines created or tweaked can address any of the ELA shifts or standards, depending on the routine.

Math Practices in the Virtual Classroom

In this Math teacher workout, participants have the opportunity to experience a task as a student (making origami shapes!), and to reflect on how to use this task with learners to develop a classroom culture (virtual or otherwise) that embeds the math practices. This workout is great for both seasoned ABE practitioners and those who are new to CCR math standards implementation.

Notice and Wonder about Data: Using Slow Reveal Graphs

In this math teacher workout, participants get to notice and wonder about data and experience the activity just as they would present it to students. Slow reveal graphs provide a great way to help students interpret information, recognize trends, predict information, and make decisions about data. This workout focuses specifically on the shift of Rigor, MP1 (make sense of problems and persevere in solving-them) and MP4 (model with mathematics). Experiencing the activity as a student will equip teachers to effectively use the targeted strategies with their learners.

Stay Tuned!

All workouts – both ELA and Math – are posted in the CCR Standards library on the ATLAS website as they are developed. We have many ideas in the works for both ELA and math (including use of online tools for math and ELA, and building a text set for ELA)! Watch for new ones this winter and spring that will keep you in good CCRS shape. And remember, when it comes to CCR standards implementation, we can’t stop, won’t stop…no matter what!


Originally published 12/1/20

Lindsey Pust, Numeracy Coordinator ATLAS
Kristine Kelly, Literacy & ELA Coordinator ATLAS