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Save the Food! A Food Waste Prevention Course

Wasted food costs money and harms the environment. This five-lesson course explains basic concepts of food waste prevention and provides easy tips for students to follow, while offering useful and relevant English language exercises, money-saving tips, and skills for being a thoughtful citizen.

The course is designed to be implemented in five one-hour sessions: one session a week for five weeks. Each of the five lessons focuses on a food waste reduction topic or skill. The content was adapted from the EPA’s “Food: Too Good to Waste” toolkit.

The lessons are designed to function as individual stand-alone lessons. However, they work best when students attend all sessions and the lessons can build on each other.

ELL Level

The course is best suited for advanced levels, CASAS 225+ from Test Form 187/188, or TABE E/M 442-500. The course could also be utilized with high intermediate levels, CASAS 114, with extra scaffolding by the instructor.

Teacher’s Guide

Save the Food! Teacher’s Guide provides an overview of the course, a list of supplies for each lesson, references for source material and more information, and links to each lesson folder (also linked below).


Each lesson is organized in a folder as follows:

Each lesson includes:

  1. A teacher’s guide or lesson plan. The lesson plan is an outline of what is to be discussed in that session.
  2. A teacher’s manual PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint can guide the flow of the class and includes detailed speaker notes for each slide. Bolded speaker notes in the slide indicate questions to be asked of students.
  3. A key terms list.
  4. One or more activities.
  5. Answer keys for the activities.

Reducing Food Waste with Audrey

This video, Reducing Food Waste with Audrey, proves a quick overview of the food waste reduction strategies covered in the lessons, in the context of learning how to make West African Peanut Stew.

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