CCRS Resources: Start the New Year Right! – Part 1

CCRS Resources: Start the New Year Right! – Part 1

There have been so many CCRS webinars, tools, and activities developed over the years, it is sometimes hard to remember the plethora of FREE resources housed on the ATLAS website. Below is a compiled list of many of our prominent CCRS resources – all in one place! Whether you are looking for professional development to complete individually, a PD activity to dive into with a small group/PLC, or the next task to engage in during a regular staff meeting, you’re sure to find some gold nuggets below!

Free Instructional Resources from ATLAS

CCRS Foundations Online Course

New to CCRS? In need of a CCRS refresher? Sign up for this free course on Schoology to learn about foundational CCRS concepts and to engage in activities that deepen your understanding. Participants can earn 18-30 CEUs by completing this asynchronous online course! (That’s 18 CEUs for completing either the ELA or Math module, or 30 CEUs for completing both modules.) Get instructions here on how to sign up for the course.

CCRS Classroom Implementation Evaluation and Planning Tools

The tools linked below can be used to evaluate individual lesson plans or entire resources for CCRS alignment. For a quick guide on which tools to use for what purpose, check out Navigating the CCRS Tools.

Additional Math Instructional Resources

  • Math Practices – Videos and Reflection Worksheets
    ATLAS created a series of 8 webcasts, the purpose of which is to give adult educators a better sense of each of the 8 Mathematical Practices of the CCRS and to suggest ways to encourage the Practices with their students. Use these for individual reflection, in small groups/PLCs or at a staff meeting.
  • Content Progressions Document
    This document contains the mathematics CCRS organized by level and also by domain, to highlight the important progressions in the CCRS. Standards associated with the Major Work of the Level (MWOTL) are also identified in this document.

Additional ELA Instructional Resources

  • ELA Videos
    Use these videos to do a deep dive reflection on what CCRS looks like in the ELA/ESL classroom with MN Adult Education teachers! The discussion guides that accompany each video make these a great activity for individual reflection, small groups/PLCs, or an activity to be done at an existing staff meeting.
  • CCRS and the Reading Foundational Skills
    These resources describe Minnesota’s combination of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) + CCRS Reading Foundational Skills 1-4, at Levels K-5. The result is a complete and clear sequence for teaching alphabetics and fluency to adult readers at Beginning and Intermediate levels.
  • Text-Dependent Question Stems & Frames to Reach CCRS Reading Anchors (Levels A-B)
    Close reading and employing evidence to support a claim are tenets of the CCRS standards, and these skills help our students to read more effectively, think critically, and build strong arguments grounded in text. When it comes to accessing complex text, good text-dependent questions (TDQs) are a teacher’s best friend! But how can we ask TDQs at lower levels, when students’ English language and literacy is still emerging? This handout offers a range of question stems and TDQ ideas for teachers at low-levels (CCRS A & B).

Part 1 of this article highlights free instructional resources from ATLAS. Part 2 of the article explores free program implementation resources as well as free webinars archived on the MN ABE Professional Development YouTube Channel.

Lindsey Pust, Numeracy & Special Projects Coordinator ATLAS