Career Pathways – Free New Curricula Available Online Now!

Career Pathways – Free New Curricula Available Online Now!

Are you a program manager launching a new career pathways program or an instructor tasked with planning a new career-related class? Be sure to start with what’s already available!

Here’s what’s new or improved on the ATLAS Adult Career Pathways online curriculum resource library this month.

A Manufacturing Careers Bridge course from Mankato prepares ABE learners for success in college classes in welding, machine tool technology, HVAC/R or mechatronics. The curriculum includes a student syllabus, an instructor scope and sequence document (with links to contextualized materials and key online resources!), plus slide presentations on a variety of course topics.

We’ve had great success with our “bridge” classes, which we’ve offered for over ten years now. The curriculum is student-centered and somewhat flexible, so an instructor can respond to the particular needs of each class. I’m happy to share what I’ve created with MN ABE colleagues – then you can make it your own! – Ron Fleischmann, Mankato ABE

Math for Precision Sheet Metal is an improved curriculum, valuable in itself and a useful example for designing similar courses in other technical areas. The course equips students with practical, hands-on math skills for work in machining – ruler reading, monitoring tolerance, etc. This intensive 10-day course integrates math skill development with transitions skills.

I’ve worked with the college instructor to ensure that this curriculum targets the top priority math that students really need on the job. The course moves fast; you could definitely spread it out across more instructional hours if you have the time. Students can earn a “recognition of professionalism” by showing up on time, fully engaging in the course, and communicating effectively with me and one another. – Cindy Secord, Metro North ABE

A Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Prep class in Moorhead prepares lower-level learners with skills required for PCA communication and documentation, safe care steps and an understanding of workplace etiquette and ethics. The curriculum includes unit and lesson plans, a student syllabus, graphic organizers and slide presentations.

There’s a high demand for PCAs in our area. We find employers want to hire new Americans, but many potential applicants don’t have the required skills or training. This is an exciting opportunity to prepare them for entry-level work and launch them on a health care career pathway that could progress to nursing assistant or other medical roles. – Mellisa Grosz, Moorhead ABE

English and Customer Service Training for intermediate-level language learners lays out daily learning objectives and suggested learning activities, utilizing various English for work textbooks and relevant NewsELA and Change Agent articles. The course spans 14 weeks and develops English reading and grammar skills while guiding career exploration, knowledge of workers’ rights, problem-solving, and job search steps.

The units have been aligned to the CCRS and each unit is guided by a clearly defined line of inquiry. Specific activities and lesson plans are not provided; how the objectives are to be taught is left up to the instructor. In our program, students in the class are also volunteering in an on-site food shelf which gives them an opportunity to apply their learning. – John Ashby, Neighborhood House

Other new or improved career pathway curricula you can find in the ATLAS resource library:

See the ATLAS Adult Career Pathways library for a listing of all 50+ curricula. Need something you don’t see? Have something you want to share? Contact Liz Andress, ATLAS Adult Career Pathways Consultant, at [email protected].

Liz Andress, Adult Career Pathways Consultant ATLAS