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Machine Operator Bridge

Career Field: Manufacturing

Adult Career Pathway: Technical Fields

Type: Bridge

Prepares Students for:  Machine Operator class at local community college

Target Student Population: Motivated students with TABE Reading and Math scores above 8.0

Duration:  4 days at 5 hours per day = 20 hours total

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: This course adequately prepares students with background knowledge in workplace soft skills, basics in blueprint reading, a familiarity with workplace vocabulary and tools, a refresher on math skills necessary for machining, and a basic safety review.

Curriculum Description: Included is daily lesson plans and activities along with the Math for Manufacturing book that is used extensively

Curriculum Pluses: All materials and powerpoints should be included.

Curriculum Drawbacks: It is a short bridge so there is not a lot of material included. In addition, the Math for Manufacturing book needs lots of explanation and can seem overwhelming when looking at its breadth.

Author: Linnea Lebens

Published: 2018

Contact person: 

Linnea Lebens
Duluth Adult Education