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Machine Operator Bridge

Career Field:  Technical

Adult Career Pathway:  Machine Operator

Type: Bridge

Prepares Students For:  Machine Operator class at local community college

Target Student Population:  TABE Reading and Math scores 6.0 and above

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description: Provides a quick brush up and introduction to prepare students for college manufacturing classes. Includes focus on key workplace vocabulary and tools, math brush-up, and basics in blueprint reading.  Also prepares students with knowledge about soft skills, growth mindset, learning styles, professionalism and more.

Duration:  4 days, 5 hours a day = 20 instructional hours

Curriculum Materials:  Google folders for each day include a lesson plan, slides, worksheets and other instructional materials.  Utilizes a digital copy of Math for Manufacturing book.

Curriculum Pluses: Well organized.  Instructional materials including PowerPoint slides easy to use.  Growth mindset and learning style content can be especially valuable for students in a bridge class.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Number of instructional hours seems insufficient to master the material, especially the math for manufacturing and blueprint reading content, which may require extensive practice for some students.  No clearly stated objectives for the course.

Author:  Linnea Lebens, Duluth ABE, with curriculum from Ray Prendergast

Published: 2018

Contact person: 

Linnea Lebens
Duluth Adult Education
[email protected]