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Personal Care Assistant Prep

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

Type: On-ramp; occupational prep; certification exam prep

Prepares students for:  MN certification for Personal Care Assistant; a job as a Personal Care Assistant; continuation into a CNA course

Target Student Population: English Language Learners CASAS Reading 195-210

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Course Description: Students develop an understanding of the role of a PCA, etiquette and ethics within the PCA field, and a PCA’s role in medication management.  Students demonstrate safe, competent care steps and ability to recognize common medical conditions and behaviors in clients.  They practice communication strategies necessary for the job and identify basic body structure. They also learn to properly fill out forms and medical documentation for a PCA job.

Duration: Total of 57 hours:

  • Regular class: 6 hours/week, 8 weeks = 48 hours
  • Computer class: 3 hours/week, 3 weeks = 9 hours

Curriculum Materials: Includes course design documents (scope and sequence, course objectives, standards alignment), unit/lesson plans, and a student syllabus. Also includes links to various graphic organizers and PowerPoint slides for vocabulary instruction. Organized in Google Drive folders.

Curriculum Pluses:  Clear unit/lesson plans, all aligned with standards and course objectives.  Materials well organized.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Some links to materials require user to request access to the documents in Google Drive.

Authors: Mellisa Grosz and Kylie Kunkel, Moorhead Adult Basic Education

Year Created: 2017 (with ongoing revisions)


Mellisa Grosz
Moorhead Adult Basic Education
2777 34th St. S. Moorhead, MN 56560
218-284-3458 / mgrosz@moorheadschools.org