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Introduction to Nursing Assistant (Hubbs)

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Certified Nursing Assistant

Type:   Bridge

Prepares Students for:  success in a certified nursing assistant course

Target Student Population:  ELLs and English speakers; CASAS 185/187 (226+), TABE 11/12M Reading (442+), TABE 11/12E (460+)

Access Curriculum:  Hubbs Introduction to Nursing Assistant Haiku website

  • Username:  hubbsstudent  /  Password:  student

Course Description:  This course builds vocabulary, an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a CNA, core medical knowledge and communication skills.  It is designed as a hybrid – some in-class time and some independent online study. Each unit includes vocabulary and content activities.  Some units include a skill to practice.  At the end of each unit learners are administered a multiple-choice quiz on the vocabulary and content.   At the end of the course, the students are given a comprehensive multiple-choice final exam.

Duration:  10-12 weeks, 10-12 hours/week = 120-140 hours total. In the hybrid option, students complete a portion of these hours online rather than in class.

Curriculum Materials:  A course overview document outlines objectives, standards alignment and scope and sequence for the instructor.  Teaching materials are organized into units and sub-sections.  Due to a copyright agreement, the course materials are on a password-protected website (Haiku through PowerSchool Learning).  All materials may be copied and used except for the Hartman textbook PDF readings and skills videos. You can download individual materials or create your own Haiku account and transfer the whole course, then modify as desired.

Curriculum Pluses:  Well-organized materials.  Extensive teaching/learning activities.  Hybrid design allows for flexibility.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Some materials are password protected.  Requires purchase of and/or copyright agreement for use of the Hartman textbook and videos.

Author: Stacy Bennig and Kathy Bjornson, St. Paul ABE

Created: 2018; Updated:  June 2020 by Kathy Bjornson


Kathy Bjornson, Instructor
St. Paul ABE

Karen Gerdin, Assistant Supervisor
St. Paul ABE
651-744-7522 / Karen.gerdin@spps.org