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NYSED/CUNY CareerKits for HSE and ESL Learners

Career Field:  CareerKits available for Healthcare, Technology, Community & Social Services, Education & Childcare, Manufacturing, Hospitality/Recreation/Arts, Food Production, Retail, Construction, and Transportation/Warehousing

Adult Career Pathway:  Multiple pathways

Type:  Career exploration, planning and preparation

Prepares Students for:  informed career choices, success as they enter a career pathway

Target Student Population: Students studying for high school equivalency (GED, adult diploma); advanced level ESL students

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Not a course, but a resource for use in career pathway courses.  Its goal is to equip students with the skills necessary to make informed choices about their career paths.  Each CareerKit activity fulfills a dual purpose – the acquisition of career information and the development of language, literacy and numeracy skills that support achievement on standardized tests.  Units common across all CareerKits: Analyzing the labor market, Knowing myself, Getting prepared (education and experience), In their own voices (workers’ narratives), Technology and society, Choosing a career/finding a job, and Parenting is a job too.

Duration:  No duration provided.  Each CareerKit has 7-8 units; each unit has multiple sections; and each section has an indication of number of minutes for the lesson.

Curriculum Materials: Clear lesson plans and all teaching/learning materials are included.  The website provides PDF versions, but a request can be made for adaptable Word versions.

Curriculum Pluses:  Each CareerKit includes a chart with literacy and numeracy skills across the top, unit activity down the left side, with check marks for the skills targeted in each activity.  A CareerKit can be used flexibly per instructional needs, and many lessons can be used independently and adapted as teachers see fit.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Designed specifically for use in New York State, so some information will need to be replaced with parallel material for the Minnesota context.

Author:  The City University of New York, CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE/ESL Program

Created:  2019


Ellen Baxt
CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE/ESL Program