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Childcare Assistant Preparation

Career Field: Education

Adult Career Pathway: Early Childhood Education

Type: Employment Prep

Prepares students for: A job with Minneapolis Kids after-school program; taking CDA course

Target Student Population: TABE D 6.0+

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Course Description: Introduces students to the language and concepts of child development, positive engagement, and key learning areas.  Students practice these concepts by researching and delivering developmentally appropriate activities to their peers. At the end of the course students should be prepared to apply for a position at Minneapolis Kids or a similar childcare assistant position.

Duration: 1.25 hours/day, 4 days/week, 9 weeks = 45 hours total instruction

Curriculum Materials: Includes course objectives, standards alignment, assessments, scope and sequence, student syllabus, and all lesson materials. Each unit contains a vocabulary list, relevant readings, and a rubric to evaluate students’ end product, a lesson developed using the Minneapolis Kids Curriculum Planning Sheet and their delivery.

Curriculum Pluses: Well-organized materials, clear scope and sequence.  All lesson materials are provided including assessments.  All unit projects are totally contextualized.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Written specifically for Minneapolis Kids program potential employment (but could be modified in consultation with your own districts’ after-school program).

Author: Kris Klas, Minneapolis Adult Education

Created: 2019


Anthony Williams
Minneapolis Adult Education