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College Readiness Navigation

Career Field: Postsecondary Education Preparedness – Any Field

Adult Career Pathway: Any pathway with post-secondary coursework

Type: Bridge course

Prepares Students for: Success in navigating post-secondary education

Target Student Population: All students will have a completed GED/ADP/HS Diploma (from any country)

  • Tier 1: TABE M 5.5+ or TABE D 4.5-8
  • Tier 2: TABE D 8.0+

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: This course is best used alongside or as part of an advanced academic English/GED course for college-bound students. Students will gain knowledge and skills related to higher education systems, and develop the transitions skills necessary to be successful within the postsecondary environment.

Duration: This curriculum is part of a College Readiness course that runs 16 weeks, 3 hrs/day, 4 days/week for a total of 200 hours (that curriculum is not included here). Of those hours, 8 are used specifically for ‘navigation’ skill building. In addition, two additional 3-hour navigation-specific sessions are provided at the end of the semester.

Curriculum Description: Includes suggested sequencing for lessons; instructor materials and lesson plans; and student worksheets and authentic college materials. Also references textbook: Healthcare careers guide. Available online.

Curriculum Pluses: Well organized and documented. Includes scope and sequence, well-defined objectives, student syllabus, lesson plans and teacher notes. Could be used for any adult career pathway bridge course preparing students for post-secondary coursework.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Not geared to a specific career pathway; some materials may need to be modified for each particular bridge course.

Author: Andrea Morgan and Lauren Hagen, International Institute of Minnesota

Published: 2017


Andrea Morgan or Lauren Hagen
International Institute of Minnesota
andreamorgan30@gmail.com / lmichelle.hagen@gmail.com