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Creative Job Search Preparation Classes for ABE Students

Career Field:  General

Adult Career Pathway:  General

Type:  General job preparation

Prepares Students for:  getting and keeping a job

Target Student Population: Designed for intermediate Adult ESL students; could also be useful for intermediate Basic Skills students

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Three stand-alone sessions: Getting Ready to Find your Job, Job Applications and Resumes, and Interviewing and Keeping a Job.  The materials were developed as part of a Better Together grant and developed by Adult Basic Education staff in cooperation with staff from CareerForce and the public library. Materials were designed as a lower literacy version of existing Creative Job Search workshops, to better serve ABE-level participants. The course was designed to be given by a team comprised of Workforce Center staff and ABE teacher. The sessions include a PowerPoint slide show plus interactive materials.

Duration:  3 sessions, 2 hours/session = 6 hours of instruction

Curriculum Materials: For each of the three topics/sessions: PowerPoint slides (20-30 slides each) and several documents for learning activities.

Curriculum Pluses: It is adapted especially for low literacy and English language learners to give them access to crucial information in an interactive format which they can immediately apply.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Staff facilitating the workshop should be familiar with the topic and skilled in instruction of lower-level learners.

Author:  Donna McLean, Robbinsdale Area Schools, and Irene Connors, Minnesota WorkForce Center – Bloomington

Created:  2017


Irene Connors