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English for Manufacturing and the Trades

Career Field: Technical Fields

Adult Career Pathway: Manufacturing and the Trades (general)

Type: “On ramp” (developed as an IEL/Civics course)

Prepares Students for: ABE-sponsored manufacturing/trades-related bridge course (once basic skill requirements are also met)

Target Student Population: English language learners, CASAS Reading 211-236

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Course Description: Students develop grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, listening, speaking and math skills relevant to employment in manufacturing and the trades. Also includes career exploration and skill building for job interviews. Unit topics include manufacturing, plumbing, carpentry, painting, landscaping/gardening, car/bike mechanics, hand tools and power tools. Includes web-based career exploration.

Duration: 9 weeks, 4 days/week, 1 hour/day = 36 hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: Organized in Google Drive folders by unit topic. Each unit includes illustrated vocabulary lists, practice activities, parts of speech worksheets, reading and writing exercises that reinforce vocabulary, and vocabulary tests.

Curriculum Pluses: Very useful vocabulary lists with colored photo illustrations. Learning activities are the same across units to develop student proficiency. Wide variety of trades included.

Curriculum Drawbacks: No outline, teacher guide, or scope and sequence provided. No student syllabus. Learning activities are all paper-based; lacks hands-on activities for authentic/communicative use of target vocabulary. (These could be developed by a new instructor – e.g., change a tire in the parking lot; invite experts to speak/demonstrate to class.) No apparent integration of transition skills.

Author: Anthony (Tony) Newes, Minneapolis Adult Education

Published: 2014


Anthony Williams
Minneapolis ABE