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Introduction to Health Careers (Adult Options)

Career Field:  Health Care

Adult Career Pathway:  Healthcare – general / multiple

Type:  On-ramp

Prepares students for: Learning about different health care careers at an introductory level.

Target Student Population: Beginning ESL – Intermediate ESL

URL:  View Materials

Course Description:  Introduces learners to many and varied entry-level and higher-level healthcare positions and builds basic knowledge and skills relevant to any healthcare work.  Topics include hand washing, infection control, basic living needs for humans, and vital signs.  Also covers body systems.  General job-seeking skills are also developed.  Mymncareers.org is used to develop individualized career plans.

Duration:  44 hours

Curriculum Materials:  Organized in Google Drive as weekly units with lesson plans and teaching materials.

Curriculum Pluses:  Easy to follow weekly plans in an organized format.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Most materials are PDF rather than Word format, so cannot be easily modified by a new instructor.

Author: Steve Gernbacher, Adult Options in Education

Created: 2019

Contact person:

Steve Gernbacher, Adult Options in Education
952-928-6202 / gernbacher.steven@slpschools.org