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Introduction to Healthcare Careers (Hubbs)

Career Field:  Health

Adult Career Pathway:  Healthcare – General

Type:  On-ramp

Prepares students for:  Consideration of a career in healthcare; eventual enrollment into bridge class (Intro to Nursing Assistant or Medical Office Prep)

Target Student Population: ELLs, CASAS Reading 201 – 229 (81X/82X or 82/83)

Access Curriculum: View Materials 

Course Description:  Introduces students to a variety of healthcare careers, including nursing assistant, nurse, medical interpreter, emergency medical technician, home health aide/PCA and medical receptionist. Students learn about different healthcare settings and career paths, as well as basic health vocabulary specific to each career. Students practice cooperative learning, professional communication, writing for work, and technology skills.

Duration of Course:  7.5 hours/week, 8 weeks = 60 instructional hours; or 12 hours/week, 8 weeks = 96 instructional hours

Curriculum Materials: Google Drive folder with complete course materials: six units with both student materials and teacher materials. Also includes course design documents, introductory materials, career research resources and video links. Individual modules can be taught in any order, and not all modules need to be covered.

Curriculum Pluses:  Complete materials for course instruction.  Includes explicit student learning targets for each unit.  Variety of learning activities with consistent formats across units.  Integrates transitions skills.  Good variety of healthcare careers covered.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Organization of materials in Google folders is initially unclear.

Authors: Sarah Northrup and Carlynn Miller-Gore, St. Paul ABE/Hubbs Center; adapted from Renada and Laura Rutmanis’ Introduction to Healthcare Careers curriculum (2013)

Year Created:  2017


Carlynn Miller-Gore
Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning
651-744-7555 / [email protected]

Sarah Northrup
Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning
651-744-4382 / [email protected]