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Introduction to Healthcare (Minneapolis)

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Healthcare (general)

Type:  On-ramp

Prepares Students for:  consideration of various healthcare career options

Target Student Population: High beginning and low intermediate ELL

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  The course provides an overview of human body systems.  Learning activities include reading passages, grammar and writing, and core healthcare vocabulary.  Students engage in additional hands-on activities and work in teams.  Topics include human body systems overview; circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems; and healthcare career exploration.

Duration:  N/A (Course materials were created to allow for embedding into ELL classes.)

Curriculum Materials:  All teaching materials/learning activities are organized into weekly folders in Google drive.  Templates are provided for a variety of repeated learning tasks. Also includes scope and sequence, standards alignment, unit pre- and post- assessments, end of unit quizzes, and other course design documents; plus unit overviews and teacher notes to guide instruction.  There are various extension activities for each unit.

Curriculum Pluses:  Well-organized materials, complete for embedding into an ELL course.  Materials are leveled appropriately for beginning to intermediate learners.  Templates allow instructor to use familiar learning tasks with new content.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Course materials were designed to embed in a high beginning to low intermediate ELL class; the materials may not work well as a stand-alone course.

Author:  Heather Turngren, Minneapolis Adult Education

Created:  2018


Heather Turngren
Minneapolis Adult Education