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Welding Prep

Career Field: Technical Fields

Adult Career Pathway: Welder

Type: Bridge class

Prepares Students for: First community and technical college hands-on welding course, working toward a welding certificate

Target Student Population: TABE D Reading 6.4+

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: The course introduces basic fundamentals of welding including equipment, vocabulary, types and techniques of welds, joints, grooves, defects, Ohm’s law, safety, symbols and beginning blueprint reading. (Instructor recommends 1-2 tours to see welding in action – e.g., the technical college classroom and a company.) Intended for students who have little or no experience welding.

Duration: 4 classes per week, 2 hours/class, 9-10 weeks = 70-80 hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: Materials include student syllabus for the technical parts of the course, with three textbook references, and an ABE addendum syllabus. Five instructional slide presentations are provided (ranging from 13 to 70 slides), plus illustrated reference documents to build welding concepts and terminology, links to online instructional/demo videos, study/review guides, and a final exam.

Curriculum Pluses: Slides are excellent instructional tools with clear illustrations, and some include helpful teacher notes with each slide. Others include practice items for students to try in class. Reference documents include clear line-drawing illustrations for clarity as students learn technical terminology.

Curriculum Drawbacks: No curriculum overview with scope and sequence (can follow order of objectives in syllabus), so it’s not clear how much time is given to each topic, or how the technical and ABE instruction is integrated. No apparent ABE-oriented study tools/methods for mastering challenging technical material. No materials are included on career exploration, transition skills or digital literacy. (Students may concurrently take a career exploration class and are advised to take math as well.)

Note: Equipment / supplies expenses include small welding machine and wire, examples of good and bad welds, micrometers, rulers and tape measures.

Author: Kathy Loecher, Rochester ABE

Published: 2014


Kathy Loecher
Rochester ABE
507-328-4440 / kaloecher@rochester.k12.mn.us