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Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist

Career Field: Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway: Healthcare Administration

Type:  Concurrent ABE with Career and Technical Education (CTE) Course

Prepares Students for: Employment as entry-level billing in a healthcare facility

Target Student Population: CASAS 235+

Access Curriculum: View Course

Course Description: This course is intended for revenue cycle staff with responsibilities in patient access, billing, account resolution, denial management, collections, cash posting, customer service, and self-pay collections. The course focuses on knowledge required in revenue cycle functional areas including registration (front desk), billing, and credit and collections.

Duration: 25 hours total = 9 hours employability skills + 12 hours core content + 4 hours study skills

Curriculum Materials: CRCS (Certified Revenue Cycle Specialist) Manual and link to curriculum in Moodle

Curriculum Pluses: The course is laid out well in Moodle and includes a syllabus, pre-assessment, unit objectives, PowerPoints and videos, and knowledge checks. Some of the material can be used in an independent study.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Curriculum is located in the Moodle course and requires an “enrollment key” to access.  To gain access, request an administrator account from Literacy Minnesota in order to create a class with this course that will enable you to track students.  Then, an enrollment key will be issued for your class.  Students may need some training on how to access the course in Moodle and move through the modules.

Author: Dr. Heather Rickgarn, for SW ABE

Created: 2022


See Moua-Leske, Program Manager
SW ABE – Marshall