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Child Development Associate (CDA)

Career Field:  Education

Adult Career Pathway:  Early Childhood Education

Type:  Bridge

Prepares Students for: Success in earning a CDA Council national credential

Target Student Population:  CASAS Goals 907/908 228+; Prerequisites: Must have a high school diploma (or be working toward one) and have access to a computer to complete class assignments.

Access Curriculum: 

  • View Materials (in Google Drive)
  • Canvas Commons: Within Canvas, go to Canvas Commons and search for Child Development Associate (by Metro South – Alison Wilcox)
  • Create you own Canvas course: Instructions to download the Canvas course to your own Canvas shell course

Course Description:  This is an 8-month class that includes 120 formal classroom hours needed for certification  that allows students to earn a Child Development Associate (CDA) certification to prepare for  work as an early childcare assistant in a childcare center or preschool setting.  Students may need  assistance to be placed in an early childhood center to begin the 480  hours of the required volunteer experience for certification.

Duration:  50 classes, 166 class hours. The class was created in Canvas and has been designed to be hybrid or totally online so that the number of classes and hours can be flexible between synchronous and asynchronous work in Canvas.

Curriculum Materials:  Curriculum was created in Canvas with most content available in Google Docs. The course focused on a textbook, Essentials for Working with Young Children Textbook – 2nd Edition and uses content from https://www.virtuallabschool.org/preschool

Curriculum Pluses:  Well-organized materials were created in Canvas and has links to Google documents that includes assignments, chapter instructional plans, and portfolio competency standards. The curriculum includes teaching notes to guide use of materials.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  The course was created in Canvas and you may need an account to access all materials.

Author:  Alison Wilcox (Career Pathways Coordinator) and Lori Irene (Instructor), Metro South ABE

Created:  2021-2022


Lori Irene, Instructor
Metro South ABE

Kellie McGowan, Program Manager
Metro South ABE