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Child Development / Health and Safety

Career Field:  Education

Adult Career Pathway: Early Childhood Education

Type:  Bridge

Prepares Students for:  Entry level positions in early childhood careers, and/or enrollment in an early childhood or paraprofessional college program

Target Student Population:  ESL and ABE Reading level 4 or above

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Explores the principles and milestones of early child development, emphasizes health and safety information, and introduces early childhood career options.  Learning modes include lecture, discussion, and hands-on experiences. Students also complete CPR/AED/First Aid certification.

Duration:  6 hours/class, 1 class per week, 8 weeks = 48 hours

Curriculum Materials:  Student syllabus, PowerPoint slide presentations, various content resource materials and worksheets.

Curriculum Pluses:  PowerPoint slides include key content on course topics.  Excellent topical resource documents from state and national agencies.  Worksheets allow students to work with complex content to build understanding.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  No scope and sequence or lesson plans to guide instructional planning.  PowerPoint slides are very dense with content.  Includes many links which may become obsolete in the future.  No assessments included. No First Aid/CPR/AED curriculum included, as this is taught by certified trainers.

Author:  Joyce Evenski, Glacial Lakes ABE (Minnesota)

Published:  2019

Contact person:

Joyce Evenski
Glacial Lakes ABE
320-234-8507 / [email protected]