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Commercial Driver’s License Exam Prep Course

Career Field:  Technical – Transportation

Adult Career Pathway:  Commercial Bus/Truck Driver

Type:  Exam Preparation Course

Prepares Students for:  Commercial Driver’s License permit test

Target Student Population: TABE level E 3.0+

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Students learn the laws, rules and regulations for being a commercial driver. The goal is to pass the state Commercial Driver’s License permit test in order to advance into a career pathway of being a truck or bus driver.

Duration:  7 hours per week, 6 weeks = 42 hours of instruction

Curriculum Materials: Course design documents that include objectives, scope and sequence, student syllabus, teacher notes and more.  Most learning activities are drawn from another curriculum (in Dropbox) and include exam prep questions, tasks and pair-share activities to enhance understanding of questions and exam format for the CDL exam. Resources also include links to videos, resources for teacher use and student practice.

Curriculum Pluses:  Scope and sequence lays out objectives that include literacy, transitions and digital skills.  Good suggestions for weekly assessment activities.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Not always clear where/how to find items listed in the Materials column of the scope and sequence.  Some materials for conducting suggested assessment activities are not provided.

Author:  Elizabeth Harner, SouthWest Metro Intermediate District 288; with extensive use of curriculum written by George Schooley, 2015

Created:  2018-2019


Elizabeth Harner
SouthWest Metro Intermediate District 288
[email protected]