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Healthcare Career Foundations

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Healthcare (multiple)

Type:  Bridge

Prepares Students for:  Entry into post-secondary education in the healthcare field

Target Student Population:  Minimum NRS level 3 in reading and math

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description: For students interested in exploring healthcare careers (inc. CNA, health unit coordinator, phlebologist, emergency medical technician).  Students develop vocabulary and pragmatic awareness for appropriate communications with various people within a healthcare setting.  Focus also includes reading, language, digital literacy and numeracy skills necessary for post-secondary study and placement tests corresponding to their goals.

Communication lessons focus on proper use of medical terminology, diction, and professional communication pragmatics. Reading lessons focus on creating and extending meaning, and developing word understanding by context. Writing lessons focus on professional usage, paraphrasing, summarizing, and organization. Numeracy includes operations involving fractions and decimals, percentages, and introductory algebra.

Duration:  3 hours per class, 4 periods a week, 5 weeks = 60 total instructional hours

Curriculum Materials:  Includes a student syllabus, links to Google classroom and other online resources, and student materials (Word documents).  Updates, especially alignment of materials, activities, and goals is expected as the course is used over time.  Utilizes Math Sense 1: Focus on Operations, and Math Sense 2: Focus on Problem Solving, from New Readers Press. Select lessons from online Kahn Academy and Plato are also used.

Curriculum Pluses:  Clear course objectives, aligned to CCRS, ACES-transitions and digital literacy standards. Scope and sequence document lays out all learning activities, links to online resources, and assessments based on course objectives.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Few other ABE-specific instructional materials for classroom use.

Author:  William D.  Crozier, Winona Adult Basic Education

Created:  2019


Bill Crozier
Winona Adult Basic Education
507-429-0557 / william.crozier@winona.k12.mn.us