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Intermediate Reading and Writing for Child Development

Career Field: Education

Adult Career Pathway: Child Development

Type: Bridge course

Prepares Students to: 

  • Enter college-level Child Development program by achieving a score of 78+ on the Accuplacer Exam or achieving a C+ or higher final grade in this course
  • Enter an Intro to Early Childhood Education course at local technical and community college
  • Enter College Prep Reading, Writing, and Composition I courses at local technical and community college

Target Student Population:

  • Intermediate: TABE Levels 4-6; CASAS levels 5-6
  • Have or be working on high school diploma, GED, or adult diploma
  • Not able to score a 78 or higher on the Accuplacer exam

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Course Description: Students develop reading and writing skills needed to meet the academic demands of college and child development studies. In addition to comprehension techniques, students develop vocabulary strategies for deciphering words in context, reviewing parts of speech, mechanics, spelling and sentence structure. Students also strengthen academic reading and writing skills using technology.

Duration: 3 hrs/session, 2 sessions/week, 8 weeks/course = 48 total instructional hours

Curriculum Description: Includes scope and sequence that details activities and standards alignment by week. Daily lesson plans, all instructional materials, projects, and assessments are also provided. A student syllabus and list of class expectations are included as communication tools with learners.

Curriculum Pluses: Materials are well-organized in Google Drive and are complete for teaching the course. The emphasis on reading and writing provides solid preparation for college-level academic work.

Curriculum Drawbacks: None.

Author: Cindy Roos and Sylvia Galbraith, Alexandria Area Adult Basic Education Consortium, Alexandria, MN

Published: 2017


Julie Fietek, Manager
Alexandria Area ABE
320-762-3312 x4285 / [email protected]