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Introduction to Child Development

Career Field: Education

Adult Career Pathway: Early Childhood Education

Type: On-Ramp / Employment Prep

Prepares Students for: Child development bridge class; entry level childcare job; opening a home daycare; effective parenting and effective volunteering in an early childhood setting.

Target Student Population: Intermediate ESL (CASAS Reading 201-225)

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Course Description: Introduces students to the field of early childhood education and childcare. Students learn about different early childhood settings: centers, schools and family. They learn how to interact with children 0-5 years old and their parents. Major topics include developmental milestones, discipline, nutrition, safety and literacy. Introduces vocabulary, concepts and skills used in early childhood education. Class activities include creating and implementing hands-on activities. Also builds students’ reading, writing, math, and computer skills.

Duration: 2 hours/class period, 4 class periods/week, 10 weeks/course = 80 total instructional hours

Curriculum Materials: Documentation of the course including scope and sequence, objectives, standards alignment, student syllabus and more.  Instructional materials organized by week in Google folders.  Four of ten weeks completed.

Curriculum Pluses: Well documented, well organized.  Learning activities are appropriate for intermediate learners.  Learning activities are repeated each week with new content, so students become familiar with the tasks.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Only Weeks 1-4 instructional materials are provided.  (However, the activities can be replicated in subsequent weeks with new content.)

Author: Laura Rutmanis and Laura Kindig Temali, Saint Paul Public Schools ABE (Hubbs Center)

Created: 2016 and 2017; updated 2019


Laura Temali
Saint Paul Public Schools ABE (Hubbs Center)
1030 University Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104
651-744-4864 / [email protected]