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Introduction to Food Handling

Career Field: Retail / Hospitality

Adult Career Pathway: Hospitality

Type: On-ramp course

Prepares Students for: Next step in Food Service Career Pathway (i.e., Kitchen Manager certification course) and/or entry-level employment in food service

Target Student Population: ESL high beginning and intermediate students

Access Curriculum:

Course Description: Utilizes ServSafe® Food Handler Guide as core text (available for program or student purchase online). Covers vocabulary and key concepts in basic food safety, personal hygiene, controlling time and temperature, preventing cross-contamination, and cleaning/sanitizing. Also includes career exploration in the food service industry.

Duration: 9 weeks, 4-5 days per week, 1 hour per day = 36-45 total instructional hours

Curriculum Description: Clearly organized in five units. Course and unit benchmarks clearly stated. Includes content directly from the Federal Food Code, some in simplified format and language, some at a higher complex level. Includes unit vocabulary, videos, discussion questions, a variety of learning activities and quizzes.

Curriculum Pluses: First two units include complete, sequenced teacher and student pages; other units have all materials but no overview document. Easy-to-use and effective learning activities, plus career exploration lessons to integrate throughout. Source materials come directly from the food industry and regulatory agencies.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Units 3-5 lack the sequenced teacher and student pages. Scaffolding for more difficult technical material is not always clear. Some course activities and materials unavailable to programs that do not use Schoology.

Note: Original instructor used Schoology.com as online platform for some course activities and materials. A new instructor can create a Schoology account, then contact Heather Turngren to transfer files to his/her new course.

Author: Heather Turngren, Minneapolis Adult Education

Published: 2015


Anthony Williams
Minneapolis ABE
[email protected]
(may be able to share additional materials via Google Drive and/or Schoology)