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Introduction to Healthcare Careers (Metro South)

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Healthcare (general)

Type:  On-ramp

Prepares Students for: enrolling in more advanced career pathways courses in healthcare

Target Student Population: ESL 3, 4, and 5 student – CASAS 83/84 Test (207) to CASAS Goals Test 905/906 (220).

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Course Description:  Provides an overview of entry-level healthcare careers available in four categories – patient care, imaging and diagnostics, administrative and support services, and health information and records – plus an introduction to vocabulary and concepts that are explored more in-depth in higher level career pathways courses. Main focus is on reading fluency within healthcare topics, common basic vocabulary in the medical field, gaining a broader knowledge of healthcare careers through research and exploration, and the development of soft skills needed in the healthcare workplace (esp. non-verbal communication, managing time, and dressing professionally). Students conduct a research project and create a Google Slides presentation

Duration: 2 months

Curriculum Description:  Outline of lesson content document provides daily lesson plans with links to all instructional materials.  Lesson structure includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, and digital literacy skills.  Some readings and activities are drawn / modified from Reading Skills for Healthcare Workers, https://www.careeronestop.org, and other healthcare textbooks.  The course is run on the IHC Google Classroom platform for students to access anytime, anywhere. Contact author (see below) for access.  Various formative and summative assessments are included

Curriculum Pluses:  Well organized, easy to follow daily plans.  Extensive teaching/learning materials are provided in daily lesson plans, primarily as links to existing online resources.  These include vocabulary practice, videos on various careers, and more.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  Course objectives are not explicitly stated in instructor outline or student syllabus.  Materials created by the authors are posted to Google Classroom which requires you to request access.

Author:  Brigid A. Erickson, Ed.D., Metro South ABE

Published: 2019


Brigid A. Erickson, Ed.D.
Metro South ABE