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Kitchen Manager Certification

Career Field: Retail / Hospitality

Adult Career Pathway: Hospitality (contexts may include restaurants, catering, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, nursing homes – any place that prepares and serves food)

Type: Certification exam preparation course (can also be used as a health or elective credit in a credit-recovery program)

Prepares Students for: ServSafe® Food Safety Manager national exam, required to become a MN Certified Food Protection Manager

Target Student Population: CASAS 236 or TABE 6.0+

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: Covers all aspects of food safety – sanitation, temperature control, personal hygiene, foodborne illnesses. Utilizes ServSafe Manager, 6th Edition as core text (6th edition no longer available; see ServSafe website for ServSafe Coursebook 7th Edition). Students summarize technical information in each chapter, practice the knowledge and take quizzes.

Duration: Varies (independent study option)

Curriculum Description: Includes student document with course objectives and all tasks to complete, plus a variety of on-line study resources. Additional study materials and practice tests are available to certified instructors through the ServSafe® website.

Curriculum Pluses: A wide variety of types of tasks. Use of technology for vocabulary practice, video viewing. Can be used as a credit-recovery course.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Instructional materials are not included. Time and money must be allotted to the instructor becoming ServSafe® certified and registered with the State of MN. Curriculum based on ServSafe Coursebook 6th edition which is obsolete and no longer available for purchase.  Learning materials may need to be modified to match current 7th edition Coursebook.

Note: The ABE instructor using the ServSafe® materials must take the ServSafe® food safety exam and become a ServSafe® certified instructor and/or proctor. Only a certified proctor can administer the exam.

Author: Gretchen Leach Warzecha, Hillside Adult Education Center, Central Minnesota ABE, Sauk Rapids, MN

Published: 2014


Mag Patridge, Sauk Rapids ABE
[email protected]