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Leadership & Supervising in Hospitality

Career Field: Hospitality

Adult Career Pathway: Housekeeping supervisor

Type: Employment advancement class

Prepares Students to:

  • Perform in a supervisory role in hotel housekeeping
  • Perform more leadership duties at their current job
  • Transition into a hospitality college or certification course

Target Student Population:

  • CASAS Reading 200-236
  • Students that are currently employed in an entry level job
  • Students with housekeeping or hospitality background and/or interest

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Course Description: Students practice leadership skills, basic computer skills and other tools needed to advance their career from a hotel housekeeper to a housekeeping supervisor. Students develop coaching skills, practice data entry and email for work, and learn to make employee schedules in a hands-on, practical training. Students use a class calendar for note taking. Each student produces a work portfolio to show to potential employers.

Duration: 11 weeks, 2 days/week, 2.5 hours/session = 55 total instructional hours

Curriculum Description: Includes weekly overview and daily lesson plans. Weekly vocabulary handouts, weekly emailed assignments and other instructional materials are organized by week and topic in Google Drive folders.

Curriculum Pluses: Course Design document includes useful overview, scope and sequence, course objectives and standards alignment. Complete instructional materials are well organized. Designed by a former housekeeping supervisor, so all learning activities are contextualized to real-life supervisory situations.

Curriculum Drawbacks: None.

Author: Caroline Foster, International Institute of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Published: 2015


Caroline Foster
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Julie Rawe
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