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Low Pressure Boiler License Course

Career Field: Technical Fields

Adult Career Pathway: Maintenance Engineer

Type: Exam preparation course

Prepares Students for: State special license exam

Target Student Population: TABE D Reading 6.0+ or CASAS Reading 230+

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: This course leads to a state special license exam, which is the first step needed to operate or tend to low pressure stationary steam boilers and auxiliary steam equipment, such as pumps, compressors and air conditioning equipment. Utilizes textbook (Lower Pressure Boilers, 5th edition, by Steingress & Walker) as primary source of instructional material and chapter tests. Career pathways include janitorial, building maintenance or apartment caretaker positions.

Duration: 8 weeks, 4 days/week, 2.5 hours/day = 80 hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: Includes PowerPoint slides of photos and names of parts on hot water boiler and steam boiler; plus quiz version of each PowerPoint with student answer sheet and key. List of 40 key terms and abbreviations is provided.

Curriculum Pluses: Textbook provides scope and sequence for instruction. PowerPoint slides are useful in teaching boiler parts and their names.

Curriculum Drawbacks: No other ABE supplemental materials are provided to support mastery of the challenging technical material.

Author: John Ertz, St. Paul ABE

Published: 2008


Karen Gerdin, Asst. Supervisor
St. Paul ABE
651-744-7522 / [email protected]