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Machine Operator Training

Career Field:  Technical – Manufacturing

Adult Career Pathway:  Machine Operator

Type: Concurrent (ABE, technical college and workforce center)

Prepares Students for:  Machine Operator job – qualified to operate punch press, laser turret, and brake press; possible transition to Machine Technology Certificate 1, 2, and 3 (ATC), CNC Manufacturing Technology at technical college

Target Student Population:  18+ years old; high school graduate, GED holder, or near completion of GED; TABE A Reading (9-12 GLE); TABE A Math (8 – 12 GLE); ability to pass random drug screening; physically able to perform job

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Course Description: Prepares students with the math they need to be successful in a machine shop. Focus is on basic math skills: working with fractions, decimals, percent, proportions, and algebra; limited blueprint reading; accurate ruler reading, understanding tolerances, and conversions. Students also develop teamwork and communication skills.  NOTE: Run concurrently with the technical college machine shop training, along with career skills (resume writing, interview skills) taught by the workforce center.

Duration of Course:  2.5 hours/class, 2 days/week, 5 weeks = 25 total instructional hours

Curriculum Materials:  Organized in Google Drive folders by day.  Each day includes lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, student study guide with answer key, plus additional handouts and learning activities.

Curriculum Pluses:  Well organized, based on clear course objectives.  Extensive instructional materials.  Effectively integrates transitions skills into study of technical material.

Curriculum Drawbacks:  None.

Author:  Cindy Secord, Metro North ABE; adapted from curriculum of Kelly Foltmer

Created: 2017


Cindy Secord
Metro North ABE
763-576-7840 (voicemail only) / [email protected]