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Medical Office Prep

Career Field: Health Care

Adult Career Pathway: Medical office (indirect care)

Type: Bridge

Prepares Students for:  A job as receptionist or customer service person in a medical setting; training for medical interpreter; or success in a medical office or healthcare clerical college or community-based training course.

Target Student Population: TABE D Reading 5.0-12.5; CASAS Reading 226+; TABE D Math 5.0-12.5; both English language learners and native English speakers.

Access Curriculum: View Materials

Course Description: In this hybrid course, students master basic medical terminology and body systems, identify a medical career path, develop professional communication skills, strengthen academic reading/writing skills using technology, and prepare for the transition to additional training and work.

Duration: 12 weeks, 4 days/week, 2 hours/session = 96 total instructional hours

Curriculum Materials: Includes weekly overview and student syllabus. Materials are available in Google Drive folders organized by weekly lessons and topics (organization of folders is in progress). Medical terminology quizzes are included. Weekly/daily lesson plans are provided for Weeks 1-3.

Curriculum Pluses: Provides extensive contextualized materials that are well organized by topic, including readings, digital literacy, iSEEK online career research, video guides, vocabulary lists and more.  A scope and sequence document lays out a clear road map for the entire course.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Detailed lesson plans are not included for Weeks 4-12.

Author: Carlynn Miller-Gore, Hubbs Center, St. Paul ABE – adapted from Nancy Bjorn Nordeen’s Medical Office Prep curriculum (2009)

Created:  2019


Carlynn Miller-Gore
Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning, St. Paul, MN
651-744-7555 / [email protected]